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If you don’t find the answer to your question in our FAQs or on our blog, then please contact us and we’ll try to be of assistance.

By dialing our toll free number, you’ll be routed directly to the local dealer in your market. In markets where you try to contact klean gutters and we don’t have a dealer, you’ll reach our national call center.

Recently we’ve been getting a lot – and we mean A LOT – of calls from homeowners with LeafFilter systems looking for service. What’s up with that? Does Chrysler tell you call to GM if your Jeep breaks down? We have to tell them that we don’t sell LeafFilter, never have and never would (it’s flat)*. While Alex Higginbotham invented LeafFilter, he hasn’t been involved in its manufacture, marketing or sale since 2006. That’s because he invented a much, much better product – klean gutters Gutter Protection. At klean gutters, we don’t get many service calls (except, apparently, from LeafFilter customers). So we can offer you something better, but unfortunately we can’t help with your LeafFilter system.








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